Reason # 1: Christians Are Hypocrites

I don’t mean to give offense to those who employ the claim found in the title when I say that I’m starting off with this one because it is light way to start things off. I do realize that for some people the hypocrisy (whether real or imagined) of some, if not all Christians, functions as a powerful reason for them against the truth of Christianity. Nevertheless, I do regard this objection, such as it is, not to tell against the reasonableness or truth of Christianity, whatever else it tells against. Moreover, this objection does not feature in sophisticated criticisms of Christianity in the published literature. But, it does have some staying power, and it clearly resonates with “the masses.” Even as respected a religious figure as the Dali Lama surely had this objection in mind when he quipped, “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians.” While something deeper than hypocrisy could be meant by this, surely hypocrisy was included. Not as subtle, the American shock-anchor, personality Bill Maher, waxed comedic and indignant about Christian hypocrisy on his HBO show: Continue reading