Reason #3: Gospel Inaccuracy no.1 — Jesus’ Rodeo Trick

This post deals with a specific objection to Christianity rather than a general objection. An example of the latter would be something like, “The Bible contains contradictions in it.” In this case, since this can’t be shown a priori, the proper response is: “Do you have an example?” The only way this objection has force is by giving an example. Sometimes, general objections will not suffer otiosity like in the above case. The logical problem of evil is one such example. The problem of evil can be raised both a priorly and a posteriorly—and sometimes forceful versions make use of both forms. In this post I’ll address one specific example non-Christians have brought forward to show that the Bible contains errors. Our series responding to 100 objections will include a few responses to particular inaccuracies (factual and logical errors will be included under this heading) in the Bible. A subset of “Biblical inaccuracies” will be “Gospel inaccuracies.” Continue reading